What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is commonly only known for neck and low back pain. But, it can help with so much more. If you haven’t already, watch our Why Chiropractic video to learn why it is so powerful at healing.

What Can Chiropractic Help With?

Migraine Relief
Disc Injury
Low Back Pain Relief
Neck Pain
Sciatica Treatment
Prenatal and Pregnancy back pain
Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Relief
Pinched Nerve Neck

Chiropractic medicine is a widely recognized health profession that focuses on relieving pain and other health diagnoses naturally. The practice of chiropractic medicine is a philosophy, a science and an art. The philosophy is the realization that the body always looks for homeostasis, or a state of balance. Failure to do so may result in the body undergoing a disease process. As a science, chiropractic was created out of principles of biology that have existed throughout time. The art of chiropractic is its ability to restore the body to its natural state by using different techniques and modalities. 

Chiropractic has always been a natural, non-invasive, non surgical and drug free profession. 49 of the 50 US States do not allow chiropractors to prescribe medicine. This doesn’t hinder  the ability to heal their patients though, because the idea behind chiropractic is to relieve pain naturally by fixing issues and injuries in the musculoskeletal system, looking at the body as a whole and treating it in a manner consistent with keeping the entire body healthy and functioning properly. 

When visiting a chiropractor, a patient receives what is called a spinal adjustment. There are several ways of achieving an adjustment, but one of the most common ways is by manually on the vertebrae in order to correct a misalignment or subluxation of the spine. An adjustment is a highly skilled and accurate movement of a joint, and helps reestablish a proper range of motion to it. During this process, a popping or cracking sound may be heard, which is the pressure from within the joint being released. Chiropractic techniques include joint mobilization, muscle release, muscle stimulation and therapeutic exercises. Each patient is different, so specific treatments will vary. 

The benefits of chiropractic are many. One of the main benefits is stress relief. Your body is likely to feel out of line if your nervous system is under stress and your skeletal and muscular systems are poorly positioned, and this could lead to excessive physical and mental stress. Ideally, a chiropractic adjustment will help restore overall balance in the body, and will be relieved of any tension. Once the body is relaxed, the brain recognizes the relief, helping you relax mentally and physically. Another major benefit of regular adjustments is posture improvement. Your DC can help restore and maintain good posture, and can advise you on ideal lifestyle changes that will help you avoid overuse of joints, prevent muscle strain, minimize stress on ligaments and maintain proper alignment of joints and bones. In addition to the previously mentioned, you can expect an improved immune system and better sleep!

When Should You See A Chiropractor?

Many people think chiropractors can only help with back and neck pain. It’s true that chiropractic can treat those things, but there are many other health issues that can be effectively treated. Some may be surprising, such as digestive issues, anxiety, weight loss and depression. Here are 17 times that you should see a chiropractor:

  1. When You’ve Been In an Accident – When you’re in an accident, you should always be checked at the hospital. Once you’re released, you may be stuck with issues that only a chiropractor can address. The jarring impact a car accident has can knock your body out of alignment, causing issues that may persist for years, unless you see a chiropractor for help.
  2. Back Pain- this can be caused by a number of things. Picking a child up, a fall, or a sudden jolt can cause issues that only a DC can help with. They use multiple modalities including spinal alignment, spinal massage, traction, laser therapy, and special exercises to find and address the cause of your back pain. 
  3. Neck Pain- the spine at the neck is often a place that causes some pain, with all the small joints between the vertebrae. The use of devices that are so often used now put our necks in unnatural positions. Chiropractors can correct these positions and give advice on how to keep neck pain at bay.
  4. Persistent Headaches and Migraines- Headaches are common and everyone gets them at one point or another. If you suffer once a month or more though, you should seek chiropractic treatment. Migraines are sometimes the result of the body being out of alignment.
  5. Pregnancy- Surprising to many moms-to-be, chiro is a great way to have a healthy pregnancy! During pregnancy, joints loosen and the baby puts more and more pressure on the whole body as the pregnancy progresses. The spine and pelvis are especially affected during this time. Your chiropractor can safely and effectively adjust the body for decreased pain. In addition, a safe and smooth delivery can be ensured with regular adjustments.
  6. Hip Pain- Like back pain, there are many things that can cause hip pain. At any age, a chiropractor can help with many kinds of hip issues. Sometimes the hips can cause pain when they are even only a little out of alignment. This can be the result of poor posture, physical activity or normal wear and tear. Oftentimes a combination of simple exercises, stretching and chiro alignment will help a painful hip. 
  7. Arthritis- Although unfortunately there is no cure for arthritis, there is a natural, drug free option for managing the pain and reducing negative side effects. The first and main goal of chiropractic care for arthritis patients is to restore proper function to the joints. When this is achieved, one will experience mobility without the pain of inflamed joints. Chiropractic care is a safe and viable treatment as recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.
  8. Improving Posture-It can be hard to maintain proper posture nowadays, especially with all the devices we use that twist our necks in unnatural ways. Over long periods of time, this can take a toll on neck and back muscles, causing a slumped posture and can lead to neck and back pain, spinal arthritis, poor muscle function and decreased range of motion. There is hope, and chiropractic care can be a huge help by saving your back and adopting healthy habits that will keep your spine aligned throughout your day. 
  9. Muscle Spasm- Even though it might not sound too bad, muscle spasms can be pretty painful at times. There are a variety of causes. It could be because of a vitamin or mineral deficiency, prolonged sitting, standing with poor posture or it could be because of nerve malfunction. A DC can help this from happening with massage therapy, spinal adjustments, stretching and other techniques. When the muscles are in alignment, nerve signals will reduce because your nerves are no longer under increased pressure. 
  10.  Shooting Leg Pain- A slipped or herniated disc can press on a nerve in the lumbar spine and cause pain that seems to “shoot” down the side of the leg. This condition is referred to as “sciatica”. It isn’t usually serious, but while it’s happening, it can be very painful. Chiropractors are trained to treat this issue, making them ideal health professionals to seek out for help. 
  11. Limited Range of Motion- Joints are pretty amazing. Everything that requires movement is made possible by our joints. Most often, when one is having a problem with their range of motion, it’s due to a problem with the joint itself or the muscles surrounding it. A chiropractor can run diagnostic tests to determine just what the problem is and then implement proper treatments in a natural and effective way to give you relief and restore your range of motion. 
  12. Repetitive Stress Injuries- Often seen in athletes, injuries that are caused by repetitive movement can alter the way a person lives their daily life. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also included in this category. Repetitive keystrokes on a computer can cause this condition, most often treated by surgery. However, a chiropractor can alleviate the pain by using modalities such as cold laser therapy, manual manipulation, strengthening exercises and stretches can help heal the injury.
  13. Weight loss-Yep! Chiropractic care can help you lose weight. When you carry less weight, you experience fewer musculoskeletal issues, which will increase your ability to exercise and maintain a healthy body weight. Chiropractors sometimes will also employ nutritionists to work with their clients on healthy diet and weight loss plans, in addition to other modalities. 
  14. Uneven Soles- Take a look at the bottoms of your shoes. Are they wearing unevenly? If so, they are telling you that your body is misaligned. A chiropractor can help fix this before uneven soles become a more painful problem. 
  15. Depression and Anxiety- It’s not just physical pain that chiropractors can help with. The body and brain work together in more ways than we know. What we do know is that even low levels of chronic pain can induce depression and anxiety in patients. These conditions will in turn cause a heightened sensitivity to pain. Chiropractic care can be used to greatly reduce or eliminate depression and anxiety. 
  16. Persistent Digestive Issues-The nervous system is closely tied to the digestive system. Some studies show that people with back problems often have stomach issues as well. A spinal misalignment that affects your nerve signals could be wreaking havoc in your gut, and also could be keeping you from digesting your food. This could lead to malnutrition. 
  17. Tingling and numbness- Have you ever had a hand or leg go numb out of nowhere? It can be an odd, even scary feeling. This sensation can be caused by a pinched nerve, spinal or muscle misalignment with which a simple chiropractic adjustment can alleviate!

It Is The Spine

Broadly speaking, chiropractic care is all about the spine. Most people’s daily life often put their spines in jeopardy. Office workers typically are seated around 8 hours a day. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, your neck is probably constantly in an unnatural position. If you have a physically demanding job, you could lift something wrong and herniate a spinal disc. Many people visit chiropractors for prevention and maintenance. This can help maintain proper posture, avoid premature degradation of discs and joints, and just keep your body healthy overall. 

Few people know the benefits of chiropractic. There are many myths floating around about this form of healthcare. Be sure to read on so you don’t fall into these false beliefs.

  • Manipulations hurt
  • Treatments are expensive
  • Chiropractors aren’t real doctors and aren’t as highly educated as medical doctors
  • Once you start going to a chiropractor, you’ll always have to go
  • You need to get approval from your medical doctor in order to safely receive chiropractic treatment
  • If you don’t have pain or your pain is gone, there’s no need to go to a chiropractor
  • Manipulative care is only for necks and backs

Why You Should See A Chiropractor

  • Boost your immune system! Neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems work hand in hand with the immune system. Spinal problems may interfere with your immune system’s ability to fight off germs. Chiropractic therapy locates and corrects spinal nerve interference and allows the body to heal itself from the inside out. Maintaining your spine and nervous system helps your immune system stay strong. In the case of a pinched nerve an adjustment realigns the spine and eases the pressure. This allows the body’s organs to receive the necessary elements to affect healing. 
  • Avoid OTC Medicines! According to research, treating the nervous system is believed to boost the immune system. In that sense, chiropractic can be viewed as a medicine free treatment.quality.
  • Improve Neurological Function- the spine is closely connected to our brains and central nervous systems. The health of your spine and the way it’s aligned/ moved directly impacts the function of your nervous system. 
  • Promotes Hormonal Balance- Chiropractic adjustments can help with hormonal balance. Barriers along the spinal column prevent free movement of spinal components. This affects mechanoreceptors leading to the release of stress hormones. This puts your body in a dominant stress response. Manipulative procedures reduce hormones and improve the body’s functionality. 

What’s the bottom line? Everyone should see a chiropractor! There are so many benefits of this non-invasive healthcare, no one should leave it “sitting on the table”, as they say. As long as you seek a licensed, renowned, well trained and experienced practitioner, chiropractic care is considered safe and effective for all ages. 

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