Pulstar Chiropractor Knoxville, TN

The PulStar is safe and effective for all ages from the young to seniors because it uses precise computer controlled gentle impulses. No strong or heavy forces or twisting is required to produce the desired results of treatment.

How Does The Pulstar  Work?
The PulStar uses a handheld Impulse Head containing Piezoelectric Sensors and is connected to a sophisticated computer program. Each vertebrae or other joint is analyzed for proper function and then displayed as a graph providing both Doctor and Patient with precise information regarding joint functions.

Bell Family Chiropractic Uses Arthrostim and NOT the Pulstar.

Pulstar vs Arthrostim
Dr. Bell using the Arthrostim on a patient.

At Bell Family Chiropractic, we use an instrument called the Arthrostim. It allows us to use different attachments and use the appropriate force. Which means, we can use it on infants all the way up to grandmas without having to pop or crack them.

How Does The Arthrostim Work?

The Arthrostim is a chiropractic adjustment instrument that operates on the principle of rapid, low-force, repetitive thrusts to stimulate the body’s mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors, which are sensory receptors that respond to pressure and movement.

It is designed to deliver a series of quick, measured blows to the targeted area, each thrust providing a small amount of force. This repetition allows for a cumulative effect on the nervous system, which can help in restoring motion and relieving pain without the need for the high-velocity thrusts associated with traditional chiropractic adjustments.

Its unique mechanism is believed to trigger the body’s natural healing response by increasing mobility in the joints and reducing muscle tension.