Pediatric Chiropractor – West Knoxville

Bell Family Chiropractic of West Knoxville seeks to not only restore the nervous system for adults but also the whole family. Pediatric chiropractic is a natural way to help children develop and grow into healthy adult!  We are able to do this through influencing the nervous system, which runs and controls every cell in their body.

Children encounter many stresses that occur from the process of growing and developing that puts pressure on the spine and in turn the nervous system. From small traumas like falling off a bike to major ones such as childbirth can create both large and some misalignments that can develop into more serious issues.

We work with a child’s healing ability that comes when pressure is taken off of their nervous system. When the control center of the body (the brain) can communicate with every tissue, cell, and organ in the body without any interference- the body is able to return to its natural state of health. With gentle Chiropractic adjustments and proper nutrition- families can see amazing changes in their children’s health. 

Parents have been able to find help through specific gentle adjustments for many childhood issues such as:

• Ear Infections
• Acid Reflux
• Digestion
• Problems Breastfeeding
• Autism
• Bed Wetting
• Problems Sleeping
• Sinus and Respiratory Issues
• Immune System
• Torticollis
• Headaches
• Colic• Asthma

Watch the video below of Dr. Ryan demonstrating a pediatric adjustment.