Migraine Relief Specialist – West Knoxville, TN

Are you suffering from migraine headaches and you have tried every specialist? Do you want relief? There is hope for you!

Experience migraine relief with Bell Family Chiropractic.


Dr. Ryan Bell

Bell Family Chiropractic in west Knoxville, TN treats and gets great results with our patients who are dealing with debilitating migraines.

What Causes Migraines?

9 out of 10 people suffer with headaches. Many of these headaches are migraines and can happen monthly, weekly, or even daily for our patients. There can be many reasons a person experiences these. They can be caused by hormonal imbalances, stress, medication, nutrition, muscle tension and many more. Cervical or neck misalignments in the spine as well as other joints in the body are usually full of inflammation. There isn’t a one size fits all for patients and migraine relief care.

Chiropractor for Headaches

Fortunately, we have a technique that we use that is able to address any of the issues that are causing the migraines. We are the only doctor in east TN who is trained in this technique. The Zone Technique is able to find any imbalances in the body and bring them back to balance, which allows you body to function as it normally should. This means you are no longer experiencing migraines. 

Dry Needling

We also incorporate dry needling into our care for our patients with migraines. It is a safe and effective treatment. Acupuncture needles are used in the upper cervical region of the neck and causes the muscles to relax bringing relief to the patients.

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