Knoxville Gentle Chiropractic Care

At Bell Family Chiropractic in West Knoxville, we don’t believe in a one size fits all treatment approach. We understand that while some people like to be popped and cracked, while others don’t want anything to do with it and do better with gentle chiropractic care. 

Our technique shows us where to adjust the patient. Then we can use our hands and apply a manual chiropractic adjustment or use a tool like the Arthrostim that we use for our pediatric chiropractic patients. 

Who Needs It

Pediatrics: Children respond real well to chiropractic care. When they are younger, we apply as little force as needed in order to provide a specific adjustment that gets results. Our adjustments help many children with colic, constipation, and bed wetting.

Osteoporosis Patients: Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones to a point where they break easily. This can result in broken ribs when getting a manual chiropractic adjustment for these patients. But, we can apply gentle chiropractic care with an instrument or drop table bring relief to back aches, neck pains, migraines, and more without worrying of breaking any bones.

Gentle Chiropractic Care

Ways We Apply Chiropractic Treatments

Arthrostim: This is an adjustment tool that applies multiple rapid thrusts. It is gentle enough for infants to the elderly. Many patients who are used to the Pulstar, Pro-Adjuster, Torque Release Technique or Activator method enjoy the Arthrostim and the results they get.

Drop Table: If you don’t want an instrument adjustment but prefer the Thompson Drop table, we are able to use that for gentle adjustments as well. Tension is set on the table and a light thrust is provided by the chiropractor to make the table drop an inch to provide the adjustment

Why Instrument Adjusting?

Instrument adjusting with tools such as the Arthrostim, Pulstar, Pro-adjustor, Torque Release Technique or Activator can have advantages for some patients other than the ones listed above. If a person is always tight and doesn’t relax, Knoxville gentle chiropractic care might be a good option.

The adjustment is done at a high speed and doesn’t give the body a chance to react and tighten up like a slower manual adjusted. It is also very easy to control the force and be as light or forceful as needed.

One last advantage that is not often stated is that patient can be adjusted in many different positions. Dr. Bell with Bell Family Chiropractic has often adjusted his West Knoxville patients in a seated position when they are not able to lay on their stomach.