Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Relief – Knoxville TN

Dr. Ryan with Bell Family Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN treats many patients with foot pain. He was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis at an early age understands the pain and limitations that go with the diagnosis. He grew up wearing custom orthotics for his sport shoes and had to constantly figure what type of shoe would make his foot not hurt.

Get foot pain relief from plantar fasciitis at Bell Family Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN.

As a chiropractor he has had great success and delight in helping patients deal with the foot pain, even if it plantar fasciitis. Many of his patients have tried everything. They have used custom orthotics, changed their shoes, received cortisone injections and everything else under the sun. The problem is that they don’t get relief or it is only temporary.

Hope For Foot Pain Relief

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Dr. Ryan is able to treat the whole body instead of the symptom, which is usually a hurting foot or plantar fasciitis type pain. He makes sure the spine is aligned properly and the hips are balanced. This allows the patient to walk in a level manner without favoring one side over the other. He also addresses the bodies nervous system. This allows the patient to experience relief when nerve pain is the cause instead of a structural issue. He also uses uses tools to bring down the inflammation to bring healing to the patient at a faster level.

Most patients leave with foot pain relief after the first visit and are able to eventually go barefoot with no pain. You don’t have to struggle with plantar fasciitis your whole life. Our technique is safe and only has positive side effects. There is hope, healing and new life waiting for you at Bell Family Chiropractic. Call or schedule your initial consultation and learn why we should be your Knoxville Foot Pain Specialist.