Chiropractic For Kids in Knoxville

Have you ever thought about chiropractic care for your kids in Knoxville?

In the young, formative years of a childs’ growth and development, the nervous system is the controller and regulator of all other systems in their body. Behavior, physical development and overall health issues can occur from  misalignments in the spine and can become hard wired during this time. Non-invasive, painless chiropractic adjustments can help provide a successful developmental growth period for your child. 

Chiropractic for children in Knoxville
Chiropractic for children in Knoxville.

Some don’t think about taking their children to a chiropractor. These doctors are only for adults with neck or back pain, right? Why would I need a pediatric chiropractor in Knoxville? Because kids don’t complain about pain like adults do, and since they are so physically resilient, this form of therapy is often overlooked for this age group. The truth is, kids’ bodies are under a lot of stress while they’re growing, and can greatly benefit from chiropractic services. 

From the process of being born, to learning to crawl, walk to falling, twistin, straining and other normal childhood daily activities, there is a great deal of stress, even though children seem to be made of rubber sometimes. As they grow, kids tend to develop bad posture (think watching TV, playing video games, doing homework, household chores) and then typical jobs that teenagers typically have that are labor intensive exacerbate the problem. 

We at Bell Family Chiropractic love kids, and Dr. Bell is passionate about helping yours create a solid foundation that is a properly aligned spine to help them stay healthy and pain free for years to come. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your child!